4 Tips for Dealing with Mental Disappointment

human flag of fitness splendorEveryone experiences disappointment in life. Especially those that set and make high goals. It’s a part of life to experience disappointment and it’s completely necessary for our growth as individuals. What makes us grow however, is not the disappointment but what we do with it. I will do my best to demonstrate why disappointment isn’t as bad as it feels when it sets in.

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Character is Built from Disappointment

It’s always difficult to experience disappointment but it allows us to grow when we deal with it in a smart way. Last year I was training for the Navy SEAL program and the day I went to make the last signature I was told I couldn’t join the program. I had spent about a year training for a chance to join the Navy and begin training down in San Diego, but it came to a very abrupt and disappointing ending. But I made the best of it, I was in tip top shape and I immediately transitioned into iron man training.

Everyone Experiences Disappointment

One thing to note is that every single person on the planet experiences disappointment during their life. No one can avoid it, and those that do are often people that avoid pushing themselves. These people may not experience as much disappointment but they won’t accomplish much of anything without an attitude of striving to attain new goals.

Disappointment is Critical for Humbling Yourself

Pride is a huge obstacle for forward progress. In order to become great you can’t think you are already the greatest. Humility is key for recognizing your weaknesses and seeking to overcome them. Without a little taste of disappointment you might think you are the next arnold schwarzenegger. Chances are, you’re not so it helps for you to recognize where your weaknesses are.

You Refine Leadership Skills from Disappointment

When you’ve encountered disappointment in any field, you know what it’s like to fail or to feel down. You’ve been there. When your friends, classmates, family members are experiencing difficult times you can be a pillar of strength for them. When they just failed a test or they did poorly at a game or a competition you’ll know what to say and how to help them.

Why High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is Most Effective for Burning Fat

shredded fitnessAs the global weight loss community continues to grow, more and more people are taking the time to not only learn the fundamentals of High-Intensity Interval training, “HIIT”, but to also realize significant weight loss. HIIT training is a form of cardio that differs from steady-state cardio in a very simply fashion. HIIT training, simply put, is a training method where you alternate low to moderate-intensity intervals with high-intensity intervals. For the most part, HIIT training can be applied to most any type of cardio workout. For example, one of the most popular HIIT workouts is one known as a “tabata”, which lasts for 4 minutes and required you to perform at 100% intensity for 20 seconds, then a lower-intensity for 10 seconds. Repeat this 8 times. On a treadmill for example, sprint for 20 seconds, then rest for 10, and so on.

As stated above, HIIT can be applied to multiple forms of cardio, but is seen most predominantly in running. It’s considered to be so effective because of the high-intensity intervals, which allows you to increase your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and endurance levels, simultaneously.

Now, HIIT training has 2 important relationships with our bodies; the first is with your body’s fat, and the second is with your body’s muscles.

How HIIT training can help you burn fat

For most, preferred cardio involves the all-too-standard cardiovascular and steady-state forms like walking, jogging, stationary bike, or stairmaster. These methods and their associated machines often have visual aids / graphs that provide some indication of where your target heart rate is, and where it should be for optimum “fat burning”.

This optimum heart rate can be calculated quite simply by subtracting your current age from 200, and then multiplying that number by 60% (.6). Consequently, if you’re able to maintain this heart rate, you’re supposed to be in the optimum “fat burning zone”.

On the other end of the spectrum, at the lower-intensity activities like walking and light jogs, these help to primarily tape into your body’s fat storages, as opposed to carbohydrates. Whether you knew it or not, you burn both fat and carbohydrates when you’re exercising, and the proportion of how many of each vary with the intensity at which you train and workout.

There have been multiple studies that have successfully shown at the shorter and higher-intensity workouts result in a higher degree of fat loss, as opposed to lower-intensity workouts.

Below are five factors that scientists believe help HIIT training to result in such effective fat loss:

  1. Significant surges in growth hormone levels and catecholamine levels. Growth hormones help to aid in fat loss, while catecholamine is a chemical that our body’s produce to help to induce fat mobilization.
  2. Increase fat oxidation levels in the muscles.
  3. Post-workout appetite suppression.
  4. Increased insulin sensitivity in muscles.
  5. Increased post-workout resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours.

Simply put, high-intensity interval training allows you to burn more fat in less time, than alternative forms of cardio.

How HIIT training affects your muscle growth

If you’ve ever followed mainstream fitness talk, then you’ve most likely heard that training for cardio and training for muscle growth, otherwise known as “concurrent training”, have conflicting results and don’t go very well together. While there’s some truth to that, there are also significant benefits, if trained the right way.

There are studies that show that strength training results, while performed independently, and not when combined with cardio training, are more significant than when they are combined with cardio training.

And because of this, we have recommendations as to how to conduct both strength gain training, with your HIIT training, to ensure for the best results possible. It’s become more and more known that the longer your cardio training sessions are, the higher degree of muscle impairment and muscle hypertrophy become. And similarly, the shorter that they are, the more muscle you’re able to preserve.

With this in mind, we always recommend mixing in some quick HIIT training during your workouts to ensure for maximum fat loss and muscle gains.

Now, whether you’re looking to lose just the last few stubborn pounds of body fat, or whether you’re embarking on a much bigger weight loss journey, we always recommend a high-quality nutrition plan, as well as a thermogenic weight loss supplements, to help you to realize your full weight loss potential. Check out supplementdemand.com for an awesome list.